About Us

  1. Academic Health Department

    The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and the University of Kansas Work Group on Community Health and Development created a partnership called the Academic Health Department, the first in Kansas and one of only a few in the country.

  2. Advisory Council

    The Advisory Council was formed in July 2011 to provide input and feedback about the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department’s programs, services and communication efforts.

  3. Annual Reports

    The Health Department’s annual report provides a year in review for the public, community partners and policymakers.

  4. Contact

    Get directions and contact information for the Lawarence-Douglas County Health Department.

  5. Health Board

    The Lawrence Douglas-County Health Board was established in 1951.

  6. History

    The Lawrence and Douglas County community has benefited from a strong public health presence for more than 120 years.

  7. Job, Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

    People who work at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department say their work gives them a feeling of accomplishment and would recommend the department to their friends as a good place to work.

  8. Kay Kent Excellence Award

    The Kay Kent Excellence in Public Health Service Award recognizes outstanding performance in public health service

  9. Strategic Planning

    The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department measures the effectiveness of its programs by tracking various measures in its programs’ purview.