Family Services

  1. Breastfeeding Support

    Formula-fed babies are more susceptible to colds, flu and other health conditions.

  2. Family-Based Sexuality Education

    The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department’s Family-Based Sexuality Education Course assists parents of fifth-, sixth- and seventh-graders in their efforts to be the primary sexuality educators for their children. A parent attends each class with the child. The course goal is to facilitate family communication on the subject of sexuality.

  3. Healthy Dads

    A program that provides the skills and knowledge men need to build positive, lasting relationships with children.

  4. Healthy Families

    Having a new baby can be stressful for anyone. Healthy Families Douglas County is here to help!

  5. Project LIVELY

    Established in 1982, Project LIVELY is a care coordination program that aims to promote health, independence and well-being for older adults. The program is unique to Douglas County.