Community Health Plan

Community Health Assessment

Every five years, Douglas County takes a comprehensive look at the health of our community through a process known as the Community Health Assessment.

A Steering Committee — representing nearly 30 government, nonprofit, education, faith-based and business organizations — is guiding the development of a Community Health Assessment that will be completed in 2017. The committee is overseeing efforts between the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and the University of Kansas Work Group for Community Health and Development to collect information.

The findings of the Community Health Assessment will be used to create a five-year Community Health Plan that will be used to address community priorities and promote the health of residents across Douglas County.

Three reports have been developed for the Steering Committee as part of developing the Community Health Assessment. They are: 

  1. Current Planning Process
  2. 2013-18 Community Health Plan


  • Summer 2016 — Listening sessions were held in Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin City and Lecompton.
  • Sept. 1, 2016 — The steering committee met to review and approve the community health assessment process.
  • Fall 2016 — Data was collected through a Health Issues Survey, existing health data and a local public health systems assessment.
  • Winter 2016/Spring 2017 — The Steering Committee will conduct a detailed examination of root causes contributing to the issues identified during the fall 2016 data collection and analysis.
  • Spring 2017 —The Steering Committee will prioritize community health issues for the next community health plan.
  • Summer 2017 — The steering committee will begin working with groups to draft a new community health plan.
  • January 2018 — Submit community health plan for adoption by local governments.

Steering Committee Members

  • Lori Alvarado, DCCCA
  • Kelly Battese, Haskell Indian Health Center
  • Chip Blaser, Douglas County Community Foundation
  • Julie Branstrom, Douglas County Dental Clinic
  • Hugh Carter, Lawrence Chamber of Commerce
  • Vicki Collie-Akers, KU Work Group for Community Health and Development
  • Christi Darnell, Baldwin City Council
  • Stacey Dines, Eudora resident
  • Erika Dvorkse, United Way of Douglas County
  • Janice Early, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
  • Margaret Harris, Douglas County resident
  • Marvin Hunt, The Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center
  • Sandy Jacquot, Lecompton mayor
  • Russ Johnson, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
  • Susan Johnson, K-State Research and Extension — Douglas County
  • Lisa Larsen, Lawrence City Commission
  • Beth Llewellyn, Health Care Access
  • George McCrary, Baldwin City Athletic Club
  • Shannon Oury, Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority
  • Dan Partridge, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department
  • Tim Reazin, Eudora mayor
  • Pat Roach Smith, Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
  • Julie Sergeant, Lecompton resident
  • Bill Schulteis, Lawrence business owner
  • Jon Stewart, Heartland Community Health Center
  • Verdell Taylor, Saint Luke’s AME Church
  • Nancy Thellman, Douglas County Commissioner
  • Nikki White, TherapyWorks