Inspection Reports and Filing Complaints

Restaurant Inspection Reports
To obtain restaurant inspection reports, please visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website.

Restaurant Complaints
To report a restaurant complaint, please visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website and submit your report online.

Rental Property Issues
For rental property issues, please call the City of Lawrence Planning and Development office at 785-832-7700 or file a complaint online.

Animal Bites
If an animal bite occurs in the city, please call Lawrence Animal Control at 785-832-7650.

Other Complaints

For all other types of complaints such as those listed below, please email the Environmental Health Division or call 785-843-3060 and ask for a member of the Environmental Health staff.
  • A public pool or spa that is unsafe or unsanitary
  • Abandoned water wells
  • Animal bites occurring in the county
  • Broken sewer lines in city or county
  • Malfunctioning septic system
  • Mosquitoes, ticks and other insects
  • Other environmental complaints, such as radon, ozone issues
  • Trash