Two long-running programs help Douglas County seniors maintain their independence and quality of life. Project LIVELY works with seniors and their families to coordinate the help they need to remain in their homes. PATH teaches older adults fitness and nutrition to help retain functions necessary for independent living.

Project LIVELY (Life, Interest and Vigor Entering Later Years)

Established in 1982, Project LIVELY is a care coordination program that aims to promote health, independence and well-being for older adults. The program is unique to Douglas County.

  • No cost
  • Has voluntary participation
  • Provides assistance applying for and getting access to medical care
  • Promotes education and wellness
  • Helps set and reach goals
  • Links residents to community resources
  • Ongoing home visits with a care coordinator

Who qualifies:

  • Age 60 and older
  • Douglas County resident

Care coordination services are provided at clients’ homes. There is no fee. For more information, call (785) 856-5353 or e-mail

Project LIVELY brochure
Project LIVELY brochure.pdf

Meet Project LIVELY’s care coordinators:

Sarah NormanSarah Norman, LMSW

“Close involvement with my grandparents growing up led me to develop a passion for working with older adults.  Being able to give back to seniors who have worked their entire lives to develop and support our community is a privilege.  Hearing the stories of Project LIVELY clients and walking beside them through the aging process by helping with care coordination and resource education is an honor.”

Susan Ridenour
Susan Ridenour, MSW, LSCSW

“As a care coordinator with Project Lively I am able to work with passion every day. I enjoy meeting with older adults and their families as they navigate this stage of life. Through collaboration and the efforts of a caring, compassionate network of community agencies, services, and providers, we are able to share important healthcare information and connect people to a range of resources.  Access to coordinated supports has the potential to increase the likelihood of seniors remaining in their homes with as much independence as possible.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a particular service, such as meal delivery, transportation or home health care. Does Project LIVELY provide these type(s) of services?

Project LIVELY provides care coordination that assists clients in connecting to these various resources.

What types of services can Project LIVELY connect me to?

Some of the services Project LIVELY can link clients to are: housing, insurance, meals, medical services, personal care, transportation, home maintenance, advanced directives, financial assistance, and assisted living and nursing home options. The program will work to meet any individual need. Call (785) 856-5353 for more  information.

PATH — Personal Actions to Health

PATH is a program unique to Douglas County designed to help people age 60 and older to develop a healthier lifestyle and retain functions necessary to maintain independence. Experts in the field of nutrition and exercise present practical methods to assist participants in taking Personal Actions To Health. Program features:

  • Nutrition Education — Get ideas on how to modify and practice food habits to protect or improve health and quality of life.
  • Exercise Education — Learn about the effects of exercise on chronic diseases.
  • Low-fat Cooking — Sample a variety of new tastes in food using healthy cooking.
  • Exercise — Flexibility and strength building exercises during a group workout.

Test results of past PATH participants have shown the following:

  • Improved agility.
  • Improved balance.
  • Improved coordination.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased strength.
  • Increased endurance.

For more information, call the Health Department at (785) 843-0721.