Douglas County Health Data

How Healthy is Our Community?
The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department works with community organizations, policymakers and the public to make sure Lawrence and Douglas County is a “healthy community for all.” The Community Health webpages are designed to provide accurate, timely and easy-to-understand information about factors that influence health and well-being.

Not Just About Health Care
Many factors are important to our health. Health is influenced by who we are (our sex, age, genes, etc.), how we behave (eat, exercise, smoke, etc.) and how we live, work and play. The conditions in which we live are sometimes called “social determinants of health.” Watch the video Let’s Start A Conversation to learn more about social determinants of health.

Available Information
The pages here examine health from this broad perspective. Please look around and visit the demographics page to find basic information about the population of Douglas County including age, race, ethnicity and population growth. Visit the data briefs page to find information about about key health indicators, including downloadable 1-page fact sheets. The Community Health Report is an annual compilation of pertinent data available in a printable report.

Good data is important to help direct health interventions to areas of greatest need and to promote policies and decisions that promote health and well-being. Visit our Community Health Plan page to learn how our community is working together to identify priorities and make changes to ensure a healthy community.