Environmental Health

Behind the Scenes

Environmental Health staff work behind the scenes to ensure Lawrence and Douglas County residents live in a safe and healthy environment. From assisting rural residents with clean water and functioning septic systems to advocating air quality improvements, Environmental Health focuses on the relationships between people and their environment.
Pool Inspections - Tina

Activities and Duties

Some of the activities Environmental Health staff perform are:
  • Timely investigation of complaints
  • Thorough inspection of regulated industries and activities
  • Promotion of environmentally responsible behaviors through education and outreach
  • Development and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations

Protecting Environmental Quality

Two Environmental staff members enforce environmental health and safety regulations in the City of Lawrence and unincorporated areas of Douglas County to protect environmental quality for the benefit of all residents. Services include:
  • Onsite sewage management septic system permits and inspections
  • Private water supply (well) permits and inspections
  • Well water samples collected and screened for bacteria and nitrates
  • Non-residential (public) swimming pool and spa inspections
  • School inspections
  • Cereal-Malt Beverage (CMB) inspections within the city of Lawrence
  • Septage hauling equipment permits and inspections
  • Response to animal bites in unincorporated Douglas County
  • Response to citizens’ complaints regarding various environmental health issues