Inspection Reports and Filing Complaints

Restaurant Inspection Reports

To obtain restaurant inspection reports, please visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website.

Food-related illness or complaint

To report a restaurant complaint or an illness caused by a restaurant, food item or event, visit Kansas Food Safety.

Rental Property Issues

For rental property issues, please call the City of Lawrence Planning and Development office at 785-832-7700 or file a complaint online.

Animal Bites

If an animal bite occurs in the city, please call Lawrence Animal Control at 785-832-7650.

For animal bites in the county, please contact the Communicable Disease Investigation staff at Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health at 785-856-5354.

Other Complaints

For all other types of complaints such as those listed below, please Email the Environmental Health Division or call 785-843-3060 and ask for a member of the Environmental Health staff.
  • A public pool or spa that is unsafe or unsanitary
  • Abandoned water wells
  • Broken sewer lines in city or county
  • Malfunctioning septic system
  • Mosquitoes, ticks and other insects
  • Other environmental complaints, such as radon, ozone issues
  • Trash