Health Care Providers

A valuable, low-cost resource for your patients with chronic diseases.
Tools for Better Health is a chronic disease self-management program developed by researchers from Stanford University.

How can this help my patients?
There is strong evidence from published clinical trials that participation provides benefits including:
• Better communication with health care providers
• Decreased pain and health distress
• More energy and less fatigue
• More physical activity
• Decreased anxiety and depression
• Fewer social role limitations

Will you be giving my patient medical advice?
No. Tools for Better Health is designed to enhance regular and disease-specific treatments and education
programs. Multiple studies have demonstrated programs like this result in positive personal growth,
reductions in healthcare expenditures, and an increase in the use of appropriate healthcare resources. 

Classes are held at least four times a year; please refer to a patient pamphlet for the next available course.
Complete a fax referral to add your patient to the waitlist for the next workshop.

For more information, email Michael Showalter 
or call 843-3060, Ext. 340

Healthcare Provider Fact Sheet

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