Worksite Tobacco Policies

MYTH: Employee tobacco use is not an employer's business. 
FACT: Public health is everyone's business, and employers are in a unique position to help their employees quit tobacco.

Thirty-one percent of employed tobacco users say they smoke less because of smoking restrictions at work, and many more tobacco users have quit completely in response to stricter workplace regulations. 
By adopting a supportive tobacco policy,you greatly increase your employees’ likelihood cessation success.

MYTH: Tobacco use is a personal choice. 
FACT: Tobacco use is not a choice for most users; It is a deadly addiction. 

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. In the United States, the majority of adult tobacco users (74 percent) say they want to quit. Each year, about 40 percent of tobacco users try to quit, and 85 percent have tried to quit at least once, but most quit attempts are unsuccessful.

Worksite Tobacco Policy Resources

Learn why your worksite tobacco policy matters and how to improve it. Download the Worksite Tobacco Policy Toolkit. If you're interested in developing a tobacco-free policy at your worksite, call the Health Department at 785-843-3060.


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