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14 day moving 7.26
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The new cases that we report each weekday (and displayed below) are the ones we report as we know about them - when the COVID test result is completed and we are informed that the person is positive. The 14-day rolling average shows when the COVID test was performed (a standard measurement). The data are graphed at the earliest dates when a person was tested for COVID-19 and it came back positive.  The moving average graph will not include the most recent three days to allow lab results for those dates to be completed and ensure a more accurate calculation of the moving average for these data points. 

Updated 7/26/2021


This graph shows the 14-day moving average positivity rate of COVID-19 testing in Douglas County, which is the percentage of people who tested positive for COVID-19 out of the overall number tested that day. We will post the new 14-day moving averages on Monday and Thursday of each week. All data are provisional, as factors can change, including cases routed to other counties after being initially assigned to Douglas County. To be consistent with Kansas Department of Health and Environment reporting on positivity rate, this rate is calculated based on PCR tests.

DG COVID-19 PCR test positivity rate zip5 map_past14days_2021_07_26
DG COVID-19 PCR test positivity rate by race_past14days_2021_07_26
COVID_PCR_test_and_positive_overlapping_bar_recent 8 weeks_2021_07_26
DG COVID-19 PCR test positivity rate by city_past14days_2021_07_26
DG COVID-19 PCR test positivity rate by AgeGroup_past14days_2021_07_26

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