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Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health

Posted on: April 30, 2021

LDCPH forming Health Equity Advisory Board

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Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health (LDCPH) has taken an important critical step of recognizing that racism is a public health crisis. It is well-known that addressing conditions that establish inequities requires the engagement of community members who have or are experiencing inequities and related conditions, and LDCPH is establishing a Health Equity Advisory Board to support this engagement. The Health Equity Advisory Board (HEAB) is aimed at making sure that LDCPH takes meaningful actions based on recognition of the role of racism in creating inequity and strengthening LDCPH’s efforts to create conditions that advance opportunities for all people living in Douglas County to achieve their optimal health.

The purpose of the proposed Health Equity Advisory Board is to serve as an advisory body to Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health by providing advice and guidance regarding LDCPH programs and activities and engaging in the following key activities: 

  1. Guide LDCPH’s community engagement and outreach efforts; 
  2. Advise strategic and community health planning efforts occurring in the future and to support implementation, as needed, of current planning products;  
  3. Ensure that LDCPH’s efforts are responsive to community identified needs; 
  4. Review and provide feedback on Health Equity Impact Assessments completed by LDCPH staff and partners; 
  5. Aid the LDCPH’s work to effectively communicate with diverse Douglas County populations. 

How will the board influence LDCPH’s work? 

Although the HEAB is intended to be advisory, LDCPH leadership are committed to ensuring that the guidance and recommendations created by the HEAB are fully considered in decision-making and implementation of programs, practices, and policies. To that end, the HEAB will have opportunities to work directly with LDCPH leadership to create recommendations and connect with the LDCPH Health Board regarding recommendations and considerations. 

How many people will be on the board? 

The HEAB will consist of eight members. Each member will be asked to serve for two years.

How much of my time will this take? 

The HEAB will meet every other month for 90 minutes. Meetings will kick off after an orientation occurs. 

Can I be paid for being on the board? 

A stipend of $100 per meeting and orientation or $700 annually will be offered.

How do I apply? 

We are glad you are interested in applying! The application is available at We would love to help you with your application if you are interested. Please email us at if we can offer any support. 

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