Where are you located?
The Health Department is located in the Community Health Facility at 200 Maine Street in Lawrence, Kansas. For directions, please reference this online map.

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1. What is the mission of the Health Department?
2. Where are you located?
3. Do I need an appointment?
4. Who can use the Health Department services?
5. I have a health question, who can I contact?
6. Who do I contact if I have concerns about the sanitation conditions of a restaurant or food establishment?
7. I’m sick and I think it’s because of food poisoning. Who do I need to contact?
8. I would like to start a food business in Douglas County. Who should I contact?
9. Are your services confidential?
10. Do you provide interpreting services?
11. How can I apply for state-assisted health insurance?
12. Do you see ill people?
13. Do you offer sport physicals or physicals for summer school/camp?
14. My child just needs a hearing screening do you offer that?